Training Programmes & ideas

Over The Bars wants you to be the best you can be, what ever your riding discipline!

Training is the key to improving your riding, whether you want to improve your pedal fitness or your handling skills, you need to train to improve.

Here you will find some programmes and plans to suit all.

If you have a specific improvement needs get in touch and Over The Bars will do what we can to help you.


12 Week Training Programme

Most professional Cyclists be it Road or Mountain Bikers, train under the critical eye of a coach. Having a professional coach has its benefits but not everyone is in the position to be able to have one. Self-coaching can be beneficial, but it does have some downfalls, however, the challenge of Self-coaching can lead to an amazing feeling of achievement.

Training Specifics

Okay, so, I am going to take you through a training programme to help improve your pedal or race fitness.  You must remember that what I need to train to improve, does not mean you need the same, everyone is different and has different needs. There are many individual factors to consider to be able to develop an effective training programme, it is difficult, but not impossible. This programme is designed to guide and assist but is not the definitive answer, whilst the theories and rationale behind the programme are sound it is a generic training plan.

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